Jack The Barber Nomad Body Spray 150ml. Batch codes 22I071 and 22F302.

Jack The Barber Rogue Body Spray 150ml. Batch codes 22J181 and 22F301

Jack  The Barber Rebel Body Spray 150ml. Bath codes 22H311 and 22F281.


Sold in Woolworths nationwide from 23rd September 2022 – 20th December 2022


Defect: Base of product is insufficiently constructed to deal with extreme pressure.


Hazard: If the product is exposed to extreme heat or extreme pressure (for example, if left in an extremely hot vehicle for an extended period), the housing of the deodorant can may fail. Given the pressurised contents, this may cause injury to any persons or damage to surrounding items in close proximity.


What to do: Consumers should immediately and safely dispose of the product and contact their place of purchase to receive a full refund with proof of purchase.


Contact details: You can contact Jack The Barber by phone on 02 9071 0420, via email at enquiries@jackthebarber.com.au, or by visiting www.jackthebarberformen.com